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Our company's website is hosted on a dedicated server. The gastroenterologist uses dedicated software with his scope to analyze potential tumors. El gastroenterólogo utiliza un software especializado para su sonda para analizar tumores potenciales.

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Una palabra nueva cada día Ejemplos escritos por nativohablantes Retos de vocabulario. Regístrate con tu correo electrónico. In other words, it is relatively easy to build a music server based on standard hardware and software, but it can be quite a project to optimize it for sonic performance and features that are sometimes desirable for audiophiles, much more than for more common iTunes customers.

Playback Designs spent the same amount of care and diligence in creating and developing its Syrah server as it does for any other audio product.

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Here is a selection of key elements that are used in Syrah: While for general computers you want as much CPU speed, RAM, bus bandwidths and connectivity as possible, for dedicated music servers this can be a disadvantage resulting in compromised audio performance. Rather than maximizing connectivity for general purpose computers, this is a feature that needs to be minimized, because most communication protocols require asynchronous clocks - at Playback Designs we understand very well what that means for audio quality PBD products belong to a very small selection in the market that use completely synchronous clock designs, from power supply all the way to front panel displays.

But like with everything in life, there are also disadvantages, and with Media Center that can be a steep learning curve for many customers. We addressed that concern by using the server version of Media Center and making it somewhat hidden to the user by remote controlling it with a very easyto- use application running on your tablet.

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This app was created specifically for Playback Designs in collaboration with a 3rd party vendor. The result indeed makes it very easy to start using the Syrah server right away.

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For this we have also worked with a 3rd party vendor on a customized version of dbPoweramp that uses 5 different data bases to locate the meta data. Among those is Sonata that is one of the most comprehensive lists for audiophile music. However, Windows is a very large software package designed for many applications, most of them much more demanding than playing audio.


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Over the course of many months we have minimized, configured and eliminated unnecessary features from Windows in order to optimize the sonic performance. The resulting system is excellent in playing audio, but would hardly be capable of performing other functions that you normally would expect from a Windows computer. Some insist on SSD solid state drive vs.

While there is some truth to such opinions the optimal architecture has to be analyzed and understood in the context of other elements and optimizations in the system, such as described above, but also in the context of the DAC being used in conjunction with Syrah. For this reason we also feel that a DAC does not belong inside the same chassis as a computer.

Nevertheless, the Syrah server uses extensive RAM buffering and caching on various levels before sending any audio data to the external DAC.